GTA 5 Review: The Best of Best in GTA Series

So (Grand Theft Auto) GTA 5 is here to thrill you. We are providing a brief GTA 5 Review. If you are a game lover, than this GTA 5 will surely entertain you at peek. GTA 5 is released for Xbox 360 and PS3 users. About 25 million users are expected to purchase GTA 5 in the next 12 months will find it’s been worth the wait.

GTA 5 screenshot GTA 5 Review: The Best of Best in GTA Series

What can we say this great game? We can say GTA 5 is a masterpiece from Rockstar and ready to rock. If you are looking for what’s new GTA 5, than definitely, this article is for you. A game lover will surely give it a try, probability i will. So here is the GTA 5 Review:

GTA 5 screenshot1 GTA 5 Review: The Best of Best in GTA Series

GTA 5 Review: A full thrilling Game

Versions: Xbox 360 (tested), PlayStation 3
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Age rating: PEGI 18
Released: 17 September 2013

When you start the game, you free to roam anywhere. There are no locked areas in the game. Trucks pass in the freeways while dears will catch you in countryside. Sharks can also be found in water, if you dip in it. So its just like the feel of real world.

GTA 5 Screenshot 2 GTA 5 Review: The Best of Best in GTA Series

The gameplay will be extremely familiar to those who have played the previous versions. Shooting, driving and controlling the character has the same feel and smoothness.

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Graphics of the game is extremely clear and smooth. We can say it “best of the best”. The game surrounds around city of Los santos. A full GTA 5 Review can not be given here it just a brief. We can say the game is the product of extraordinary engineering and intelligence. GTA  is the most expensive game ever installed. It is an extraordinary piece of intelligence. I am sure you will love the experience of playing it. Whatever version of GTA you have played till now, your game experience is incomplete without playing this GTA 5.

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So this i the GTA 5 Review in brief. I am definitely going to buy it at any cost, so what are you waiting for. Grab a copy of it on  Amazon and ebay. Please post your experience about this game.

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