Cisco Unveils Plans to Double Internet Speed

Internet Traffic is Currently on rising trend, and even it is likely to get triple in next Five years. In order to go Parallel with this rising traffic, The Computer Networking giant Cisco has Unveiled New plans to double Internet speed.

computer internet Cisco Unveils Plans to Double Internet Speed

Cisco exposed the new core router technology last week,enabling wireless carriers and ISPs to provide much better speed for video streaming, social networks, and app downloads.

Cisco’s new router,also known as the CRS-X, designed to provide speed up to 400GB Per second per slot.Each router rack have capacity of 6.4 terabits a second and the entire system is capable of almost 1 petabit per second.

It is just double the speed of any other similar products on the market.Cisco said One single CRS-X router could be able to provide HD video streaming to every individual  in New York at the same time.Entire System setup can download the Library of Congress in a second. Which is quite impressive and also can stream every movie made in a minute.

New CRS-X router will be available later this year.Cisco said they have already received orders for the CRS-X router, from U.S. Verizon Wireless and Japan’s SoftBank also planning to use the new routing technology.

Cisco says its solution is much cheaper than Juniper Networks, offerings.CRS-X can also handle four times more traffic and ten times more data than the CRS-3, Cisco’s previous core router, launched in 2010.CRS-3 can easily be upgrade to CRS-X  by swapping out their cards.

This time Cisco holds 65 percent share in Market.The new routers of Cisco can be Game Changer.What do you think about this?

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