Google PageRank Update December 2013: The Real Secret Behind SEO Revealed

From several months many webmaster are eagerly waiting for Google PageRank Update. This time Google Page Rank has been updated on December 6, 2013 after February, 2013. Many of us has assumed that Google  has erased the concept of Page Rank but its here.

If you don’t know what is PageRank, We will make it clear here.

PageRank hi res Google PageRank Update December 2013: The Real Secret Behind SEO Revealed

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What is Google PageRank

The Concept of Page Rank is very important for different websites and blogs. If you don’t know, Google PageRank  is a  metric or an algorithm used by the Google search engine to rank websites in their search engine results. Page Rank is totally based upon the number of backlinks and the quality of these backlinks. Page Rank is basically a metric between 0-10.

Techaddy Got PageRank 2 is almost 7 months old and growing at rapid  speed. After this PageRank Update Techaddy got Google PageRank 2. A really nice way to start. “THANKS to GOOGLE“. But We have the real secret behind this Google PageRank Update.

Google page rank Google PageRank Update December 2013: The Real Secret Behind SEO Revealed

How Techaddy Got PR 2 ? The Truth is Revealed Here

If you make a Google Search on “How to Increase Google PageRank” ? There are many articles on this task. But We have kept SEO Simple. We have done our basic quite well. Our many articles are ranked in Top 10 Search Results, which is great. We have focused on below points SEO strategies and techniques:

1. Quality Content

2. SEO Structure of site

3. Focusing on both On-Page and Off-Page optimization

4. Internal Linking of Posts

5.  Guest Posting on High Page Rank Sites

6. Proper Keyword Research

7. Proper Link Building

We have tried to keep SEO as simple as possible. If you are thinking of that Higher PageRank results in Higher position in Search Results than a Big NO to this. We have analyzed many of our articles are in Google’s Top 10 even no PR update. PageRank is all about number and quality of backlinks. Traffic of a site doesn’t have any relation with PageRank.

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If You are Webmaster, We suggest you to not to give much priority to PageRank but to the quality of your content as Google loves it.

If your website’s Google PageRank is not increasing it has decreased than probably, you need change your SEO Techniques and Strategies. We have. If you are Blogger than you can share your view point towards this. You can consult to us on SEO. We are Happy to Help you.

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