Apple launches retail iPhone trade-in program, Get New iPhones for Old

Apple launches retail iPhone trade-in program. Now this is confirmed. CNBC has claimed that Apple is launching its retail iPhone trade-in program at retail stores nationwide in America. The trade-in program will allow an iPhone owner to exchange an older iPhone model for a new iPhone at a discounted price.

apple store Apple launches retail iPhone trade in program, Get New iPhones for Old

There is no word for Worldwide release date yet. But expected to be soon. The trade-in program will be officially called as the “iPhone Reuse and Recycle Program.”

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According to 9to5Mac, trade-ins will be offered for iPhone 3G up to the iPhone 5 and customers will receive a gift card for the certain value of their devices.

Process of Retail iPhone trade-in Program

The retail iPhone trade-in program is applicable to both standard customers and business customers that want to purchase a new iPhone. Here is the process of this retail iPhone trade-in program.

1. The customer will tell Apple Store employee that He/She wants to purchase a new iPhone and also trade-in his/her older model. Additionally, the new iPhone will be an on-contract phone and activated at time of purchase.

2. The Apple Store employee will enter information about the customer’s iPhone into an application installed on their mobile EasyPay devices.

3. Easypay will provide a certain value of Old iPhone to the customer. This value will be based on the data entered in Easypay.

4. The employee will tell the customer that the phone could not be given back once they agree to the provided terms and conditions.

5. The Apple Store employee will provide a new iPhone to the customer with a gift card and a plastic bag.

6. Now the transaction will be processed for new iPhone.

7. Old SIM card will be given to the customer

This is also confirmed that trade-in iPhones will be shipped by Brightstar. The iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5 all are eligible for the retail iPhone trade-in program.

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